Another Time another Mech......or...The Battletechism of Fire

Another  Time another Mech......or...The Battletechism of Fire
A Thor and some Comrades from "My" Falcon Guard

Donnerstag, 9. April 2015

Hi & Hello to All!!!
I`m very sorry that i post not very often but i post more on Google+ and facebook you know...
Well i spend many times meanwhile for Battletech and painting this minis..
and so the time for my 6mm`s is very know..
but in the Future i will much more often post here on my Blog..
And i will create a new Blog for my Battletech-painting know?!!!
but i have a new projekt in 6mm GHQ`s...
A lil "Zimmerit" could be fine on my Elefant`s (German Tankhunter in WWII)
Its in workprogress..
But i hope you like it...!

Montag, 3. Juni 2013

A New Paint-station.....
With 2 little Helper´s in the middle for Paints or some other silly thing and the "guy" on the right...
A MUST HAVE.....i´m an old "Sock" a lil bit over 50.....
The Guy´s in Poland from  have Dam Good Idea´s i think!!!
and this tip i become from this guy´s here:
Thank You Very Much!!!
And i think you can Organise your Paint´s etc. very well!!!
A Great Help for our Hobby!